It is a rule in Freemasonry, that a Lodge may dispense with the examination of a visitor, if any Brother present will vouch that he possesses the necessary qualifications. This is an important prerogative that every Freemason is entitled to exercise; and yet it is one which may so materially affect the well-being of the whole Fraternity, since, by its injudicious use, imposters might be introduced among the faithful, that it should be controlled by the most stringent regulations. To vouch for one is to bear witness for him, and in witnessing to truth, every caution should be observed, lest falsehood may cunningly assume its garb. The Brother who vouches should know to a certainty that the one for whom he vouches is really what he claims to be. He should know this, not from a casual conversation, nor a loose and careless inquiry, but from Strict Trial, due examination, or lawful information. These are the three requisites which the instructions have laid down as essentially necessary to authorize the act of vouching.

See also: Avouchment

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