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About Masonry

Freemasonry has tenets peculiar to itself. They serve as testimonials of character and qualifications, which are only conferred after due course of instruction and examination. These are of no small value; they speak a universal language, and act as a passport to the attentions and support of the initiated in all parts of the world. They cannot be lost as long as memory retains its power. Let the possessor of them be expatriated, shipwrecked or imprisoned, let him be stripped of everything he has got in the world, still those credentials remain, and are available for use as circumstances require. The good effects they have produced are established by the most incontestable facts of history. They have stayed the uplifted hand of the destroyer; they have softened the asperities of the tyrant; they have mitigated the horrors of captivity; they have subdued the rancour of malevolence; and broken down the barriers of political animosity and sectarian alienation. On the field of battle, in the solitudes of the uncultivated forest, or in the busy haunts of the crowded city, they have made men of the most hostile feelings, the most distant regions, and diversified conditions, rush to the aid of each other, and feel a special joy and satisfaction that they have been able to afford relief to a Brother Mason.
[Benjamin Franklin]

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The intent of this Freemason's Compendium is to offer to the Masonic Student ready access to explanations and definitions of Masonic terms and usages. The pages provide primarily information relevant to Masonry, but throughout, links are provided to non-Masonic references, providing, we hope, background information which enriches and explains the Masonic context.

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The range of references found here covers many aspects of our Fraternity. However, please bear in mind that NONE should be considered as speaking for the fraternity or that what is said or written is "binding" upon Masons. Each Mason must think for himself, and each is entitled to write whatever he wishes.

Masonry has no dogma. An official position would deny a man his right to think for himself and his right to follow the dictates of his own faith. Each Mason has a right to seek Masonry for what he wants to find. It is his right to believe as he wishes; BUT is is not his right to force that belief on others.

There are only three documents a Mason must abide by; the Ritual, the Constitution of the Grand Body in whose jurisdiction he lives and the by-laws of his Lodge, Chapter, etc. The Rituals embody the whole of Masonic instruction. The latter two contain the Laws, Rules and Regulations necessary for their government as is necessary for all organizations. Everything else is opinion.

This Wiki is not, in any way, affiliated or associated with any Lodge or Grand Lodge and does not represent an official position of any Masonic Body.

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Books published prior to 1923 are online according US Pre-1923 Public Domain Rule. The papers published are the responsibility of the authors. Many Articles are taken from various sources.

A very sincere effort was made to avoid using any copyrighted material, without permission, in the creation of this web site.

If you discover something that is yours without giving you due credit, please let me know and due credit will be given or the item will be replaced.

For any copyright infringement claims please moc.oginor|trebor#!em liame.

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Page Layout

Red words in the text of a page will open either the relevant page in Wikipedia or display the definition of the word in a Dictionary. These pages open a new tab in your browser and will have to be closed by you. You cannot use the 'back' button in your browser.

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Biblical Quotes

All Biblical Quotes are from the King James version of the Holy Scriptures.

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Other Excellent References

In researching the concept of this wiki I have been inspired by the following excellent reference websites:

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Loge La France No. 138, Truro, NS, Canada – GLNS – PM
Loge Acadie No. 1033, Puteaux, France – GLNF
District Deputy Grand Master - GLNS - 2008/2009
Mount Lebanon Chapter No. 14, New Glasgow, Canada – PMEHP
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R. & S. M.
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Cobequid Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners
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Almoner 2012
Nova Scotia College No. 132
Noble Marshall 2011/2012
Past Grand Pursuivant (2001)
PDDGM Pictou County District (2008)
Medaille d'Honneur (argent) 1999
Westville Chapter No. 24, Westville, NS., Canada – PP
Grand Chapter of NS & PI – Past Chair of ESTARL Committee

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