Solomon – Peaceable

Freemasonry recognizes the high position held by Solomon in authentic history, and in tradition has preserved many significant Solomonic traditions and legends, often mythical, but always highly valuable in Masonic symbolism. It is upon the well-known historical data concerning the notable career and superlative wisdom of Solomon, and particularly upon his outstanding work in the construction of the Temple, that Masonry recognizes him as a master-mind and a hero worthy of the highest commemorations. Many of the well-known deeds of Solomon are celebrated in the most beautiful and significant rituals and ceremonies; but even more meaningful are ritualistic and symbolic rites founded upon Masonic traditions and legends known only to those who enjoy the privileges of membership in the Order. Particular recognition of his decline in morals and spirituality, of his apostasy into idolatry, and of his grievous errors is given in some of the degrees, but not without full recognition of his repentance and restoration to the favor of God as set forth in the Book of Ecclesiastes.

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