Pillars of the Porch

The "Pillars of the Porch" of King Solomon's Temple… King Solomon did not simply erect them as ornaments to the temple, but memorials of God's repeated promises of support to His people of Israel. Boaz, the name of the left pillar means "in strength", the right pillar Jachin means "God will establish", which signifies when combined, the message "In strength, God will establish His house in Israel". And thus were the Jews, in passing through the porch to the temple, daily reminded of the abundant promises of God, and inspired with confidence in His protection and gratitude for His many acts of kindness to His chosen people. The globe on the left pillar represents "Earth", that on the right, "Heaven". As supports for the porch these pillars were exceedingly strong, circular in form. made of bronze, the thickness of the walls of these shafts being three inches, 18 feet in circumference and 6 feet in diameter. Each of these pillars was 27 1/2 feet in height and their chapiters of lily work extended the elevation 7 1/2 feet, making a total height of 35 Feet. The chapiter were highly decorated with various ornamentations.

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