Masonic Calendars

Rules for discovering the different dates:

TO FIND THE ANCIENT CRAFT — Add 4000 to the common era. Thus 1852 and 4000 are 5852.

TO FIND THE DATE OF ROYAL ARCH MASONRY — Add 530 to the common era.Thus 530 and 1852 are 2382.

TO FIND THE ROYAL AND SELECT MASTER'S DATE — Add 1000 to the common era. Thus 1000 and 1852 are 2852.

TO FIND THE KNIGHTS TEMPLARS' DATE — Subtract 1118 from the common era. Thus 1118 from 1852 is 734.

The following table shows, in one view, the date of the year 2000, in all the branches of the Order:

Year of the Lord, A. D. 2000 Common era.
Year of the Light, A:. L:. 6000 Ancient Craft Masonry
Year of the Discovery, A:. L:. 2530 Roval Arch Masonry
Year of the Deposit, A:. Dep:. 3000 Royal and Select Masters
Year of the Order, A:. O:. 882 Knights Templar


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