Knight Commander of the Court of Honour


The Court of Honour is an honorary body between the Thirty Second and the Thirty Third Degrees of the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. It was established to confer honour on certain Brethren whose zeal and work for the Scottish Rite Freemasonry entitled them to recognition. This Court of Honour is composed of all Thirty Third Degree Masons, whether active or honorary, and also such Thirty Second Degree Masons as the Supreme Council may select. In the Court of Honour there are two ranks, that of Knight Commander and that of Grand Cross. Only three Grand Crosses can be selected at each regular session of the Supreme Council. Each active Thirty Third Degree member may nominate one Thirty Second Degree member for the honour and decoration of Knight Commander. In addition, he is entitled to nominate for this honour one Thirty Second Degree member for every forty Fourteenth Degree Masons made in his Jurisdiction since the preceding regular session of the Supreme Council. The rank of Knight Commander or Grand Cross cannot be applied for, and if applied for, must be refused. The Court of Honour assembles as a body when called together by the Grand Commander, and is presided over by the Grand Cross named by the Grand Commander.

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