Four Veils

The Royal Arch Tabernacle, in its exterior, is similar to the Sinaitic Tabernacle, but in its interior it is different. Within this Royal Arch Tabernacle are four veils, somewhat patterned after the decorations of Solomon's Temple, but following more closely the legendary tabernacle of Zerubbabel. As a whole, these four veils, constituting four divisions of the tabernacle, are symbolic of the obstacles in the way of advancement for the candidate in his search for the "lost word," symbolic of Truth. Passage through these veils represent triumph over these obstacles. Each of these veils is also symbolic, these symbolisms being indicated by the distinct color of each one. The Blue Veil is symbolic of universal friendship and benevolence, represented in the Symbolic Degrees through which the candidate has already passed. The Purple Veil is symbolic of union, and represents the intimate connection between the Ancient Craft and Royal Arch Masonry. The Scarlet Veil is a symbol of fervency and zeal, and is the distinct color of Royal Arch Masonry, indicating that only these qualities can the candidate be successful in his search for Truth. The White Veil is a symbol of purity, and is a reminder to the candidate, who is now almost at the close of his search in Royal Arch Masonry, that it is only by purity of heart and life that he can hope to be successful in, or found worthy of the reception of Divine Truth. Passage through each of these veils is also represented by significant Mosaic Signs, each of them deeply important in its symbolism.

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