Five-Pointed Star

The five-pointed star, which is not to be confounded with the Blazing Star, is not found among the old symbols of Masonry; indeed, some writers have denied that it is a Masonic emblem at all. It is undoubtedly of recent origin, and was probably introduced by Jeremy Cross, who placed it among the plates in the emblems of the Third Degree prefixed to his Hieroglyphic Chart. It is not mentioned in the ritual or the lecture of the Third Degree, but the Masons of this country have, by tacit consent, referred to it as a symbol of the Five Points of Fellowship. The outlines of the five-pointed star are the same as those of the pentalpha of Pythagoras, which was the symbol of health. M. Jormard, in his Description de l'Egypte (tom. viii., p. 423), says that the star engraved on Eqyptian monuments, where it is a very common hieroglyphic, has constantly five points, never more or less.

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