Carl Harry Claudy (1879-1957)

Carl Claudy, was one of America's most noteworthy Masonic authors. Born Jan. 13, 1879 in Washington, D.C., in 1898 the adventuresome 19-year-old youth was a prospector and pioneer in Alaska. He was raised in Harmony Lodge No. 17, Washington, D.C., in 1908, serving as Master in 1932 and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia in 1943. A 33º, he was active in both the Scottish and York Rites. Most Worshipful Claudy was the Executive Secretary of the Masonic Service Association from 1929 to his passing on May 27, 1957.

During his lifetime he wrote a great variety of things: Plays, among them and The Rose Upon the Altar; novels, such as the Masonic The Lion's Paw; numerous books on Freemasonry, particularly An Introduction To… each of the degrees, and The Master's Book, a manual for new Lodge Worshipful Masters; essays; and about 350 "Short Talk Bulletins". Most uncredited STBs during his term were by him. His popular essays were collected in The Old Past Master and The Old Tiler Talks and other collections.

Outside of Masonry, he also wrote science fiction adventure serials for American Boy magazine, some of which were also published as novels; and DC Comic's early super-hero title, All-American Comics. He served as editor for a number of special-interest publications: American Inventor from 1900-04; Prism, 1908-09; Cathedral Calendar, 1921-27. He wrote books about aviation, photography, and baseball.

A detailed compendium of his birth, education, and work was written by Brother Laurence R. Taylor, editor of The Indiana Freemason, under the title Portrait of a Master Mason.

Read three poems by C.H. Claudy HERE

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