A kind of map, on which are pictured the emblems illustrative of the several degrees of Freemasonry, and by reference to which neophytes are instructed. They were formally traced upon the floor, hence the term carpet.

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The above images are known as a "Master's Carpet" which is a basic emblematical chart for the instruction of Freemasonry. Scrolls such as this were produced during the 19th century as teaching aides for the Worshipful Master and his lecturers within the Craft Lodge to instruct new candidates in the symbolism of Ancient Craft Masonry. It features all of the symbols, a few to wit: the Sun, Moon and Stars, Jacob's Ladder, King Solomon's Temple, Pillars of Jachin and Boaz, the All-Seeing Eye, the Square and Compasses, the Ark and Rainbow, Beehive, 47th Problem of Euclid, Winged Hour Glass, Sword Pointing to a Naked Heart and the many various other Working Tools. During the times that the many lectures of the degrees were explained to the initiates, the chart was taken off of the wall and rolled out on the floor of the Lodge room… hence the word "carpet" instead of chart became commonly used. This info was taken from an early Masonic Supply House catalog.

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