Anno Lucis


Masons of the York and French rites, date from the creation of the world, calling it "Anno Lucis," which they abbreviate A.·. L.·. signifying "in the year of Light." Thus with them the year 2000 is A.·. L.·. 6000.

Masons of the York rite begin the year on the first January, but in the French rite it commences on the first of March, and instead of the month receiving their usual names, they are designated numerically. as first, second, third, &c. Thus, the "1st day of the 11th Masonic month, Anno Lucis, 6000."

The French sometimes, instead of the initials A.·. L.·., use "L'an de la V.·. L.·., or "Vraie Lumiere," that is, "Year of True Light."

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